Sunday, December 10, 2017

Let it Snow!

As the bungs came out we could see the window coated in snow, it just looked so pretty.
Del was up early and soon making a Mr Frosty.
The snow just kept coming and soon got to about six inches.
It didn't take long before he was ready for action, so look out for him flying around tonight..
Mr Frosty had a selfie with us and we snuggled back inside Derwent6.
Del watched the Arsenal game and then we had a lovely roast Chicken dinner. Our preparation wasn't that good because we ran out of gas, good job we had a spare bottle.
The snow never stopped all day, but it did turn a bit warmer and we got to take some nice snowy pictures..

Another cold snap ahead and a London trip

So we have just been getting prepared for the next cold snap by stocking up with food, water, and wood. We did pop up to Brownsover and stocked up, and just before the snow we piled up the wood on the roof, just in case we got iced in.
Tooty has just lived by the fire, soaking up the heat.
Then he gets to hot and has to lay on the floor.
Then its boiling and he moves to the bedroom, till he gets cold again.
Al went down to London and met up with Tanya, our God daughter, for a catch up and drinks of course..
They went to Flat Iron, a steak house in Covent Garden, where they did eat. Al got back at 8.00pm and Del met her at the bridge with her walking boots..
It was then sit and wait for the bad weather, and when you wake up in the morning and it feels so quiet you know it has snowed..

Thursday, December 07, 2017

Christmas top up

We were surprised at how warm it has got again but we still need the fire going just to take the chill off. Del was up and wiping down Derwent6 and then started to give D6 some Christmas spirit.

 It was just a bit of tinsel here and there and of course our Christmas bells on the lamp.
We then set off towards Brownsover as we wanted to top up with some Christmas goodies at Tesco's which was close by.. Al walked down and got the food while Del went up and turned and then filled with water.
It worked out perfect and we both arrived together, albeit that the boat was a lot heavier, as we will be if we eat and drink it all..
It was just getting dusky as we set off again and moored back up just off the water point..
These times are always the best to catch the wildlife.
It was nice to snuggle back inside the warmth of Derwent6 by the fire and you soon struggle to keep your eyes open..
Al made a nice pie for dinner and that finished us off for the night.

Monday, December 04, 2017

Nine years old and the decs up

We were up early and decided to get out the Christmas decorations to see what we had.. It turned out we had plenty of stuff to turn Derwent6 into a grotto.
We had plenty to celebrate as to the day Derwent6 is nine years old. We remember the boat being craned in the water at Debdale and putting our belongings on board with the feeling and smell of fresh cut oak and new fabrics as we struggled to find a space to put it all, not knowing all the nooks and crannies yet. It was so unreal! we really were going to live the dream!
So here we are nine years down the line and still not regretting any of it. It still feels like that first day, in fact Derwent6 has gained a bit more character and has become more part of us.. Yes the paintwork has faded slightly and the woodwork has moved a bit, but its still HOME!
So Christmas is upon us, and the morning was spent putting up the decorations and we were pleased with the outcome..
The tree still looked good in the corner and we had some special decorations from Al's Mum and Dad's which took pride of place as a reminder of some fantastic Christmases we had had down in Kent with them..

Derwent6 is our haven in the countryside, and Christmas is a special time for us for taking the time to meet friends and family, and remembering those that are not with us anymore...

It was nice in the evening with the tree lights on and a glass of wine with a good film, bring on Christmas!
Tooty is loving his advent calendar!

Discount Day, follow the Bear

After a day like yesterday you would think that we would take it a bit easy today. But we were up and out by 10.00am and got the bus into Rugby..  Del found out that he needed some decent walking boots and as Millets had a 30% discount it was rude not to make the most of it.. We got a few Christmas cards and other bits and then jumped on the bus to Elliot's field and went to the cinema. Al wanted to see Paddington 2 which Del wasn't bothered about but I suppose its called Love!
First we went to Frankie and Benny's where we had a couple of vouchers to get Del a free meal and also a free drink, it ended up costing us just nine pounds... The film had a load of stars in it and was Al's cup of tea. Del just thought it was ok, and a good Christmas film..
We got the bus back to Derwent6 just before it got dark.........phew!

Getting in the mood

It was up early for us as we planned to get the train to Birmingham. It was a twenty minute walk to Rugby station and we got there just in time. The weather was so cold and we had to layer up to keep warm. We were pleased it was cold because it would provide a good atmosphere to where we were going..
In Birmingham it was the Frankfurt Christmas Market which was suppose to be the best outside of Germany.

They weren't wrong, because the minute you get off the train at New Street you are right in the thick of it.
The stalls are fantastic, and it is so Christmassy, it just gets you in the mood for the festivities...
And a Hot Chocolate.

Yes you can say you take a risk going to these sort of places at the moment, but all precautions had been done to keep people safe, such as big barriers at each end to stop vehicles entering, sad, but you felt safer, that's the world we live in I'm afraid..
The place buzzed with everyone just having a good time. Gluhwein (mulled wine) and German beer was going in all directions and it tasted loovvely! especially on a freezing cold day.

We didn't plan to get any Christmas presents but did in the end. The day seemed to get better as the night fell and the lights came on, making the atmosphere even more special.

We had a lovely day and finished it having something to eat with a beer, before getting the train back to Rugby and getting a cab back to  Derwent6 as we had worn our legs out!
It was freezing but the fire had kept in nicely with Tooty the cat by its side. That night he opened his advent calendar with his teeth.

We sorted out all the stuff we had brought and lit our advent candle.
We then fell into bed knackered from a long day. Tooty went out, good luck mate!

Saturday, December 02, 2017

Swaning about

It was cold but a bright start to the day as Al walked back up to the post office to collect our post from the post office again, but it still hadn't arrived. We set off from Braunston just before lunch and Al made us an 'on the move' wrap to keep us going.
The good thing about leaving this time of day is that you still catch the wildlife on the cut..
We managed to see this Woodpecker blending in on the towpath and that white thing alongside Derwent6 is a Swan flying by, its so good to feel so close to them..

We carried on along Barby straight and got to bridge 75, which is closing the canal early next year. When you look closely you can see why.

The cracks go down both sides and it has been repaired before.
We always sneak under it with care.
Just before the locks we were surprised to find how empty it was here.. This is normally a popular spot to moor during bad weather as it has all the facilities including a good Indian restaurant.

We then got to the locks and managed to spot a couple of bits of wood here, again the locks were in our favour and we made the most of it.

We got to the bottom and filled with water as they said temperatures could get to minus six tonight in rural areas.
We then moored up just before it was getting dark. It was getting very cold by this time and we were chilled to the bone and very pleased to get inside where the fire had been going all day and it was very toasty.
We relaxed in the evening with some music and got ourselves ready for a big day tomorrow..    

Trying to stay Post-i-tive .

So we have stayed put for a few days here still waiting for some post to arrive but to no avail. We have nice views as Al showed here walking up to the post office every day.

The only problem with Braunston is the phone signals aren't that good.
Everything else is great, handy shops and butchers and great pubs to choose from but we have decided to move on tomorrow.
Del managed to load his game he got for his birthday, which took four hours to download on some pub WiFi, but we did have a meal in there and we did drink loads so they did alright..
We really have chilled here, getting ready for this cold snap we are expecting. Loaded with wood, water and diesel and waste empty, bring it on, if it happens.